Martin as / Isabell Heimerdinger


Martin as
Isabell Heimerdinger
Frankfurt am Main : Revolver, cop. 2002.
[12] fulls : il. b/n ; 15 x 11,5 cm.
The video work «The space between us fills my hear with intolerable grief and impossible joy» (2002) was made with Martin Glade, a young actor from Berlin. For my production, he cried before the running camera for a half hour and, in conclusion, laughed for a half hour. The two videos were shown side by side. He found it hard sustaining such intense emotions for so long. Sometimes his laughter was almost crying, or the reverse. Also completed at this time was the photo-series «Martin as» (2002), a remake of a work by Douglas Huebler, from the 1970s, in collaboration with Bernd Becher. Martin interprets the same characters conceived by Huebler. Accompanying this series an artist’s book was also produced.

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