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10 February 2010

PROFORMA is a project structured around a 30 exercises program to be completed by 15 volunteers together with the three directors — Badiola, Euba, Prego— over 40 days, 8 hours a day. Each director has proposed 10 exercises, all of them linked to the works of the show, and from which they represent their own development and transformation possibilities.

The PROFORMA-Module is a structured layout that initially contained the definition of the proposed 30 exercises. This space has been updated and completed day by day with the materials and documents selected by the 15 volunteers and the three directors in a daily peer-review conducted after the end of each exercise. This space operates as an indicator of the PROFORMA project progress at every turn, including not only the initial proposals and the activities program but also their various stages of completion. At the end of the experience, this space will bear witness to the development of the projects and the events that have taken place. It is from here that PRIMER PROFORMA 2010 can begin its independent existence.


Txomin Badiola

Jon Mikel Euba

Sergio Prego

List of participants

Lorea Alfaro Garcia

Gontzal Gutiérrez

Josu Bilbao Ugalde

Sahatsa Jáuregui Azcarate

David Martínez Suárez

Jon Otamendi Aginagalde

Sara Paniagua

Alejandra Pombo Suarez

Pablo Rego Novoa

Mª Mar Torre Serrano

Carlos Valverde Castro

Natalia Vegas Moreno

Luis Velasco del Campo

Oihana Vicente Adame

Special Guests

Miren Jaio

Inazio Escudero

Itziar Okariz

Iñaki Garmendia

Iam Agorria

Martín Pena

Pello Irazu

Itziar Bilbao

Leo Burge

Azucena Vieites