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Exercise 21: Ikurriña Corridor

5 March 2010

Director: Sergio Prego

Venue: –

This exercise suggests a collective experience where each individual is subordinated to a formation that, in turn, remains subordinated to a structure/sign.

The exercise requires the installation of an uninterrupted translucent plastic tube 2m in diameter, configured in a double cross formation similar to the ikurriña flag. The inside of the tube is passable and shall be laid out with elbow joints at the corners, establishing parallel corridors in such a way that participants can see the people who are walking ahead of and behind them. There shall be one or more nodes where participants will enter into a bond of proximity with people located at different points along the course. The exercise intents to generate a dysfunction between the sign’s form and the action going on within it.

Once installed, all participants shall file into the tube, all walking in the same direction and keeping a regular distance between each other. Photo and video cameras shall change hands, documenting the action from different points along the line. Each individual represents the action and is represented whilst carrying it out, on equivalent terms. The aim is to instil a sense of engagement in a collective experience through this connection between all the members of the group.

Each person in the line is equivalent to the person ahead of her and behind her, in terms both of space and time. The exercise aspires to establish a symbolic analogy between this temporary sense of identity and a connection in terms of biographic or artistic genealogy.