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Exercise 7: Timothy

16 February 2010

Director: Sergio Prego

Venue: Gallery 6

This exercise references a media snapshot of Timothy Geithner, US Secretary of the Treasury, at the height of the financial crisis. In the photograph we see Mr. Geithner head-on, in a large room with a group of people a certain distance behind him and with his gaze fixed on a point above the camera, in such a way that it appears both he and the audience behind him are focusing their attention on that point on their geometric horizon. The point is marked by the shafts of the spotlights illuminating the hall, creating the impression that there is a higher order offering a pattern, leading the way and suggesting a possible outcome for the events reported on in the news item.

The exercise intends to establish a connection between a given space’s geometric system and the body. It will attempt to define a technique for generating modes of recording and interpreting and shall focus on the possible production of a video. This video shall be the outcome of superimposing a pattern made out of fluorescent tubes over the participants’ bodies in the course of the exercise. The structure in the studio is limited in terms of size but endless as an abstract system of coordinates inhabited by the bodies. A set number of volunteers shall carry out a range of movements, first individually and then relating to one another, applying a set of performative rules that ensure the characters’ actions remain subordinated to the geometric pattern. Objects, body and pattern shall all be documented in separate moments and shall remain unrelated until they are edited. Ultimately, this exercise seeks to offer a representation and thus reveal the symbolic order concealed behind any geometric relationship.