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Exercise 6: Notes for the camera–person in Re:horse (Stuttering images)

15 February 2010

Director: Jon Mikel Euba

Venue: Gallery 4.1

From stuttering to syntax.

This exercise uses existing material drawn from the piece Re:horse.

The camera operator’s task in Re:horse is the task of a true performer. The need to communicate to different people in different countries exactly what the performer’s activity was to be in the course of the performance-shoot gave rise to a set of visual designs and sketches that attempted to communicate and explain the job in non-verbal terms. All this material provides an autonomous tool that can translate the performance into conceptual terms and, in addition, contributes to its execution.

This exercise intends to establish a new type of relationship with these sketches by transferring them from a virtual medium to a physical one. It intends to generate and present a work of art at the Museum on the same day. It shall initially be presented at MUSAC gallery 4.1 in the form of a statement, as part of a device that includes all the elements that will make up the final outcome.

The purpose of this exercise is to put the conditions that underpin the production of a piece under stress by subjecting it to extreme deadlines, in order to performatise the process and thus highlight the activity’s gestural aspect. To this end, a working group will be established with the mission of executing the exercise in the shortest possible time, through an intensive distribution of roles. Both volunteers and directors shall share the execution moment live. By stressing the limitation on materials and time, the intention is to apply a sculptural perspective to two-dimensional material.