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Exercise 5: Extracts (Entelechy)

13 February 2010

Director: Txomin Badiola

Venue: Proforma Studio and Gallery 2.2

Entelechy is a term that has two opposing definitions:

a) Something real that carries within itself the beginning of its action and guides itself to self-fulfilment. A certain state or type of existence in which something actively works on itself.

b) A mere abstraction with no basis. Something unreal, that cannot exist in reality.

It seems strange to think that one single term could mean one thing and also the opposite. For a rational conscience, structured around exclusions, this would be an anomaly only tolerable by categorising it as a paradox. However, both psychoanalysts and artists are familiar with this way language behaves because they are, by necessity, familiar with the processes of the unconscious.

With the term entelechy (linked to ancient definitions regarding the soul) as a departure point, we have created print-outs on metal, which are a preparatory stage for a piece that is pending certain operations to be carried out within the exercise itself.

This exercise consists in two parts.

First Part: Having acknowledged that one word can have two opposed meanings, we shall work in the opposite direction; i.e., perverting the general meaning of a text (precisely on this subject) by translating each of its words into synonyms — words that supposedly mean the same thing. The text in question is made up of extracts from Sigmund Freud’s The Antithetical Meaning Of Primal Words, in which he addressed the connection between the ancient languages (and their use of one word for two opposed meanings) and the unconscious.

Second Part: Embodiment of the text material created in the first part into the exercise itself. Trials shall be staged to connect the body with these texts by creating graphic and sound material (through recitation) that shall eventually be incorporated into the Entelechy piece.