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Exercise 8: Transcoding Re:horse

17 February 2010

Director: Jon Mikel Euba

Venue: Gallery 4.1

Special Guest: Itziar Okariz  (pre: how do you do)

Open to the public, unannounced

This exercise is a performance based on aspects related to transcodification, to text-based records and to guided tours. Over approximately 90 minutes, the piece created in exercise 6 shall be used as a reference and a tool allowing us to activate all the information contained in the images it generated, in the form of a code or system. 32 silkscreened panels shall be arranged in such a way that the performer can talk as he or she walks from one group of panels to another, manipulating them and establishing different connections between them. Participants and the other two directors shall play the role of an audience. All the information contained in the words generated during the action shall be recorded on audio for their latter transcription and editing. Each member of the audience, at pre-established intervals, shall be required to ask a question, thus interrupting the ongoing flow of information provided by the performer.

The excess implicit in creating a score of this nature -supposedly conceived to train a camera-person- and the excess implicit in materialising it as physical bodies and images, are both compounded by a third excess, suggested by this exercise and brought about by the sheer volume of information generated in an attempt at verbal translation, thus overwhelming the apparent communicational efficiency expected of the original proposal.