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Exercise 26: Freeside

12 March 2010

Director: Sergio Prego

Venue: Gallery 1

This exercise invites participants to plunge into a narrative trail through a movement over space that takes place beyond their immediate space and time boundaries. It is structured around a video recording of movements on different elevations through the

PROFORMA Corridor inflatable pneumatic tubes. A number of characters walk in parallel lines flowing in the same direction through the upper and lower tubes, whilst also recording each other. A recording system will be applied in order to ensure that cameras moving along parallel corridors adhere to similar speeds and angles. The recording shall test a “travelling” system whereby the inflatable tube itself provides a course for the camera.

The camera operator moves in time to a sound signal that sets the pace at which he or she must pass a set of markings along the course. The recording shall be repeated, attempting to adhere to the same angle and course as the equivalent camera, shooting in the same direction as the previous filming that provides the example. This second camera shall record what it encounters in its course: the ceiling, the floor, the wall or the tube, from the opposite position. These rules will be applied during the recording without the option to review the outcome. Possible variables in terms of speed or ways of crossing the space will be debated, thus anticipating later effort geared towards inducing a mental state of spatial visualisation.

The images will be superimposed through transparencies in the postproduction stage, in such a way that the cameras are synchronised and the spaces overlap. The exercise questions our spatial conventions based on solid structures.

The editing experience in this second part of the exercise and its outcome in video format intent to ratify our perception of space not as a place within physical limits, but as a physical attribute.