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Exercise 25: Stations (Six Years Older than my Father)

10 March 2010

Director: Txomin Badiola

Venue: Gallery 2.1

MAQUINAL (12 Stations) is a series of twelve print-outs on metal, placed in a 22-meter row. Each print-out is made up of a combination of assorted images. Here, through the Laocoön Machine, one shall travel through the flux of signs, where different subjective intensities shall be produced. MAQUINAL (12 Stations) is a vehicle for introspection through external, slippery structures. The exercise’s, twelve elements shall be configured as if they were twelve stations in a journey carried out by a group of players who are inextricably interdependent.

The exercise juxtaposes this quest with the following question: the challenge of outliving your father when you are very young; outliving your father’s final age, the age he was when he stopped living. What does that mean? Is it a triumph over your father? Do you begin to take precedence over him? Do you feel guilty for being older than he ever was? Can you face him on equal terms?

Here we propose a ritual that involves groups of people. Relating to images or recited texts, they function as an organism with both independent and co-dependent tasks. We shall attempt, through a ritualised collective action and the recording of it, to experiment an articulated slipping between a mythical structure and a private experience. The volunteers shall split up into the following: one group that forms a scrum, acting as a chorus vocalising a number of texts that correspond to each of the stations; one volunteer who displays the images to the camera while reciting biographical information —devoid of feeling, purely documentary— on one person in different stages of her life; and three volunteers in two audiovisual recording teams, who shall capture two images of the same action. The broad group composed of the audience, the emcee and one of the recording teams shall move along in parallel, following movement-scores that run through the twelve stations.