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Exercise 23: Grand Dog / Quiltro Proforma

8 March 2010

Director: Jon Mikel Euba

Venue: Gallery 3.1

Animals abide by flight or attack distances, intimate or social distances, etc., defined by a specific type of behaviour connected to a given use of space. These atavistic questions are partially modulated through training or education. This is something both humans and animals share – when they come together, two different languages come into play.

The purpose of this exercise is to create a structure – on the basis of a range of actions – capable of integrating and interconnecting two three-dimensional elements (table and ramp), one or more dogs sitting on the table, and one or more people sitting opposite the dogs in a space defined by a number of geometric modules. The idea is to carry out an action that includes these elements plus all the participants in Proforma.

This action seeks to capture a way of directing a peculiar set of actors – in this case dogs. To this end, recording activities shall be carried out by two teams, each with a specific role to play. One team will focus on the relationship between sitting dogs and people; the other on the animals’ owners/trainers and the directions they give in order to carry out the actions.

The exercise is divided into two parts: the first is an audition and the second is a shooting. In the first, dogs shall be auditioned in a number of sets designed with the idea of activating various objects: table, ramp, black modules, etc. In the second stage, a specific shooting plan will be drawn up in view of the dogs selected.

When tackling any creative project, my attitude is that of the lurking shooter: I find a spot, a point of view, and I take my time for events to unfold. Another approach to hunting is to flush out the prey with the aid of hounds, cover as much ground as possible and multiply one’s chances of a catch.

Unlike some of the other exercises suggested, which had previously been developed and even tested, and therefore represent a culmination of earlier proposals, this exercise is a starting point. The intention is to cast nets in every possible direction to see where we can snare the hare. Quiltro Proforma is a baiting.