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Exercise 19: Blind/Deaf/Mute

3 March 2010

Director: Txomin Badiola

Special Invited: Pello Irazu.

Venue: Proforma Studio

It has been said that “Man does not think, he only speaks. But other men suspect he not only speaks, but also thinks; that is, it is possible that he may not believe what he is saying”.

The exercise consists in creating text material that articulates the staging of a dialogue between people whose abilities are limited by the conditions set forth in the exercise itself. Each of the 15 participants is given clippings of reviews (preferably bad ones) of the exercise director’s exhibitions. Divided into groups, the participants are asked to extract sentences that, in their view, are relevant in terms of implying a value judgement. Then they exchange their work and try to write the questions that the sentences could be an answer to. A total of 21 questions and 21 answers shall be printed on individual flash cards.

The group of volunteers is divided into two teams, one across from the other, holding the printed questions and answers, initiating a mute dialogue based on the exhibition of these flash cards. Certain limitations will lead to three different types of intervention in the dialogue.

X: keeping her eyes closed during the course of the exercise, is not aware of the questions or answers that she randomly presents.

Y: can only see the questions or answers of the person across from him but not his own.

Z: can choose her question or answer from those she is holding.

The action shall be recorded by three cameras that shoot close-ups without ever capturing the text. The visual dialogue will come from the facial expressions, which will be enhanced with the flashcard texts, added as subtitles in the postproduction phase.

Fotografias realizadas por: Pello Irazu.