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Exercise 17: Guided

1 March 2010

Director: Jon Mikel Euba

Venue: Gallery 4.1

Building on exercise 9, Transcoding Re:horse, we will obtain a transcription of all the verbal information generated by the encounter between the performer, the silkscreened panels and an audience vested with a degree of participation in the action.

The exercise’s first aim will be to create a fully independent and freestanding body of text that may be activated by people other than the original performer. Guided is all about setting off these various modes.

In the course of the exercise we suggest putting the text to different uses:

Version one: one person learns the text by heart and recites it as if in a performance.

Version two: one person reads the text off a projection located behind the audience.

Version three: one person simply repeats what he or she is hearing through an earpiece.

We shall verify the varied implications of these different approaches and test their viability at two events in different countries that would in principle require a physical presence. Using the text obtained in Transcoding Re:horse, Proforma participants will execute an exercise based on producing at least three versions of the performance. They shall all take place consecutively and shall be fully recorded.