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Exercise 12: Finite Questions (Backwards)

23 February 2010

Director: Jon Mikel Euba

Venue: Proforma Studio

The project by the title of Re:horse intends to share processes, not forms. However, despite the apparent contradiction, it requires forms in order to generate those processes. These forms, acting as ingredients, recreate certain aspects of other forms previously generated by different people, blending and dissecting them in order to give rise to specific situations that in turn set off processes that may be ultimately productive.

Re:horse in English is pronounced re-horse, as two syllables. In Spanish, on the other hand, it is split into three: re-hor-se. In English we could say Re:horse is a performance derived from the welding of two elements: Warhol’s film Velvet underground and Nico and Beuys’ performance Titus/Ifigenia. In Spanish, by contrast, Re:horse is the outcome of blending three elements: the two mentioned above and Horse, also by Warhol. In this exercise we will analyse the information contained in three specific images that represent these three works. The idea is to use and optimise what we have: 18 people with their ability to ask questions. We shall attempt to connect all this within a structure vested with a degree of autonomy. Each of the images will be displayed in different representations: one as a print-out on paper on the scale of an image on the web; another projected on a human scale; another on a micro-scale; and another on a monumental scale.

Each participant must put a minimum of 10 questions to each of the images displayed – questions asked both of the image itself and of what is represented. All the questions shall be compiled and each person shall be recorded on video asking his or her questions. The others shall draw up a list where they shall strike out any question that is repeated. Though all questions will be recorded, not all of them will be admitted, since they must all meet a given criteria.

The exercise ultimately intends to establish a structure with the outcome of the process described above. It shall attempt to configure a form that includes not only the final outcome of the questions but also the three images they are put to.