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Yolanda Herranz

(Baracaldo, 1947) An artist and professor of sculpture at the University of Vigo, she started her career in 1981. Her projects combine sculpture, photography and text, tying in with the tradition of the poem-object and the site-specific installation. Playing with a poetic and metaphorical language, her practice reflects on the representation of the female body and the social construction of femininity. Caídas (1997) is an intervention carried out in a monument paying tribute to those who died in the battle of Puente de Sampaio in Pontevedra, which reminds us how women have been completely ignored in this type of heroic narrative.

herranz_caidas1Caídas/Fallen Women 1997
Photographic documentation on sculptural intervention on Puente Sampayo Heroes Memorial, Pontevedra
Colour photograph and text on wall
60 x 80 cm + 30 x 40 cm + 40 x 30 cm
Courtesy of the artist

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