Patricia Mayayo

(Madrid, 1967)

She is full professor of Art History at the Universidad Autónomo of Madrid. Her research combines several fields of study: the history of women, feminist and queer historiography and the study of contemporary art practice. Among her publications are the books Cuerpos sexuados, cuerpos de (re)producción (Barcelona, UOC, 2011), Frida Kahlo. Contra el mito (Madrid, Cátedra, 2008), Historias de mujeres, historias del arte (Madrid, Cátedra, 2003) and Louise Bourgeois (Hondarribia, Nerea, 2002).

In recent years she has concentrated on studying the role of women and feminist discourses in the Spanish art system (“El Imperio de “las señoras”. Orígenes de un mito fundacional o el acceso de las mujeres a la institución arte“, 2011; “¿Por qué no ha habido (grandes) artistas feministas en España? Apuntes sobre una historia en busca de autor(a)”, 2009; and “Què ha canviat? Ser dona i artista (feminista?) a l’Estat espanyol, 1986-2006“, 2008).


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