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Miguel Benlloch

(Loja, Granada, 1954). was active in the anti-Franco resistance and in the gay liberation movements of the 1980s. Co-founder of the BNV cultural platform in Seville in 1988 and member of the editorial board of UNIA arteypensamiento, his work was exhibited at Transgenéric@s. Representaciones y experiencias sobre la sociedad, la sexualidad y los géneros en el arte español contemporáneo, at Koldo Mitxelena in San Sebastián, 1998. His actions and performances are focused on breaking down gender barriers and constraints. Suffused with a sense of humour, his work advocates a dismantling of sexual prejudices, as clearly visible in his performance 51 genders (2005).

benlloch_DesidentificateDesidentifícate 2010
Colour video with sound
On the occassion of the conference Movimiento en las bases: transfeminismo, feminismos queer, despatologización, discursos no binarios, held in UNIA, Sevilla, Miguel Benlloch, who has a long trajectory of actions that question gender dichotomy (feminine/masculine), created this careless and refreshing performance. In it we see Benlloch moving, dancing and enjoying himself with his feminist knickers covering his head, surrounded by the varied and enthusiastic crowd who attend these meetings.
This work is a playful reflection on the excess of sexual and gender identity imposed by the normative and heterocentric society.

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