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Mar Caldas

(Vigo, 1964). Teaches in the painting department at the School of Fines Arts of Pontevedra. Her work was exhibited at MACUF (Museo de arte contemoráneo Unión Fenosa) in La Coruña in 2002. Her practice explores concepts of self-representation, of body space and the relationship between the private and the public. In 1995 she created Diálogo con un hijo ausente, a non-idealised vision of motherhood.

caldas_dialogo1Diálogo con un hijo ausente 1995
B/W photograph on wood and embroidered cloth
(14 x) 44 x 54 x 4 cm each
Courtesy of the artist
The series Diálogo con un hijo ausente (Dialogue with an absent son) consists of fourteen works on cloth, in which Mar Caldas combines photographs of fragments of male and female bodies with sentences embroidered in red that she addresses to an imaginary son. ‘You’d help me not to worry so much about myself’; ‘I think it would be easier for you to grow up as a boy’; ‘Why wouldn’t my life be meaningful without you?’; ‘There are already few years left to embroider your absence…’
Through the words that the artist dedicates to that absent son, one glimpses the fears, anxieties and social demands surrounding the desire to be a mother in patriarchal societies.

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