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Isabel Oliver

(Valencia, 1946). teaches engraving at the School of Fines Arts, Polytechnic University of Valencia. In the 1960s she worked with Equipo Crónica and in 1971 she created La mujer, an unquestionably pioneering series in Franco’s Spain in which she used a Pop vernacular to wittily question the tyranny of beauty, given roles and the subjugation of women. Years later her practice veered to the study of the idea of time as an integral part of personal experience.

la_mujerUntitled (from the series La Mujer) 1971
Acrylic paint on canvas
98 x 98 cm
Courtesy of the artist
In the Valencia of the 1970s, avant-garde art used the language of Pop and of the realist movements. Equipo Realidad and Equipo Crónica appear in art history text books, but Isabel Oliver’s work, which calls attention on the invisibility of women, was ignored. In this piece, Oliver presents a kind of room full of beauty products, whose center is occupied by a woman dressed in pink. With a parodic intention, the whole scene is lit by bright sun rays.

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