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Cecilia Barriga

(Concepción, Chile, 1957). came to Madrid at the age of 19, and graduated with a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universidad Complutense in 1984. Ten years later she moved to New York to study scriptwriting and video art at Columbia University. In 1991 she filmed her short Encuentro entre dos reinas, one of the first works with lesbian content ever seen in Spain. Barriga is behind a large number of documentaries, TV reports and works of fiction in which women are featured prominently. Her feminist engagement led her to create, in 2010, 5000 feminismos on Spain’s national feminist conference held in Granada the previous year.

feminismos5.000 feminismos más 2010
Colour video with sound
The video 5.000 feminismos más (5,000 more feminisms) reflects the bustle and joy, as well as the demands of a demonstration that took place in the streets of Granada on the occassion of the public feminist conference of 2009, which commemorated the conference held thirty years before.
This piece aims at showing the plurality and diversity of options within feminist practices. Humour, irony and sarcasm are present in the slogans chanted by the demonstrators who marched down Granada’s Gran Vía in a kind of irreverent procession.

Encuentro entre dos reinas 1991
B/W video with sound
With the aesthetics of silent films, the artist has created a tale dealing with two legendary figures of the silver screen, the German Marlene Dietrich and the Swedish Greta Garbo, who were also a symbol of emancipated women. In Encuentro entre dos reinas (Encounter of two queens) we see both actress walking around a series of places (a lake, a library, a hospital) while their faces merge and they talk to each other thanks to Barriga’s cutting and editing work until both icons of lesbian culture, presented in a final scene in the roles of Catherine the Great and Queen Christina of Sweden, undress in a bedchamber, getting ready for love.

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