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5. Collective Struggles


Rebellion against the patriarchal order has taken on many forms over time. Undoubtedly, individual awareness of sexist oppression is important so that personal liberating initiatives can be taken, but it is in the realm of collective participation where social conflicts are resolved with greater impact and where public visibility can be more fruitful. This has been the case with the efforts carried out by different associations of activists throughout the history of feminism.

In Spain the first significant steps to break the shell of male chauvinism were taken in the 1970s. The dictator’s death sparked the explosion of demonstrations demanding the decriminalization of adultery, the battering of women was brought to public attention and there were protests against rape. The organization of women’s gatherings and assemblies (Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Valencia…) heightened feminist consciousness despite the fact that not only the right was opposed to many claims for equality, but also some sectors of the left. During the 1990s lesbianism became visible.

This section is completed in the auditorium with the piece by Xoan Anleo and Uqui Permui, Asuntos internos (Internal Affairs), 2007.

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