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2. Bodies: Disciplines and Pleasures


Since the beginning of the feminist movement and theory the body has been a battlefield. The body is the material and physical, structure that enables individuals to live and experience the world, and particularly sexuality. Therefore, women’s bodies have been controlled and dominated by the patriarchy, by the champions of moralism and also by the sexist consumer society that glorifies certain bodies in advertising in detriment of the reality of the majority.

During the 1960s, under Franco’s national Catholicism, Spanish artists faced the impossibility of openly showing bodies for fear of prohibitions and censorship. With the arrival of democracy the corsets came off little by little. Over the course of the nineties the readings multiply: the body prostituted exclusively for masculine pleasure is represented (and questioned); menstruation is discussed with a sense of humour; the first images of lesbian bodies emerge and are shown with greater freedom; and it is acknowledged that there is a fundamental need for women to occupy with their bodies and their presence public spaces that were previously barred to them.

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