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11. Transfeminisms


In June 2003, on the occasion of the post-porn Marathon orchestrated by the queer theorist Beatriz Preciado at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, there is a convergence of myriad groups and individuals. Their common interest lies in the performative use of the body and a defence of unbridled sexuality that bluntly rejects macho and heterosexual norms. Some of these groups had already emerged before this but they repeatedly came together at gatherings, seminars, workshops and conferences throughout the decade in all types of (alternative and/or institutional) venues. These groups come from the most radical feminism and from transfagdyke thought and they advocate a new pornography that does not constrain the subjectivity of women in their diversity, and sexuality out of control.

Networks, blogs, the porous fabric of the Internet is the realm in which these transfeminists are at ease, as they continually share experiences and projects, not to mention the physical, hedonist, political and public presence of carnality.

The display also includes the projection in the auditorium of the documentary Mi sexualidad es una creación artística (My sexuality is an artistic creation), 2011 by Lucía Egaña Rojas.

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